Bam Bam

Born on 20 June 2015, Bam Bam soon found himself in foster care. There he had passed a temperament test, was neutered, and soon adopted. The family that adopted Bam Bam were very inexperienced. They didn’t understand natural pig behavior and believed him to be extremely vicious. The family, feeling that Bam Bam was a hopeless cause, had made plans to euthanize him, citing his aggression.

Thankfully, Bam Bam's situation was brought to the attention of Hooves Marching for Mercy. He was brought to the sanctuary and surrendered to us. Bam Bam was taken to the vet to be checked for any medical reasons causing his aggression. He literally fell over for a belly rub as soon as the vet touched him. The vet said after exam that there was nothing physically wrong with this pig. The stage was now set for Bam Bam to find sanctuary with Hooves Marching for Mercy.  His days were spent learning manners, and he responded right away, and also found a family of pigs to love. He was put in with a family of three, Charlotte, Hanky Panky, and Tootsie Roll. This now was able to teach him pig language and what was appropriate behavior for a pig.

Bam Bam has been at Hooves Marching for Mercy since June 2016. In that time, he has never shown any signs of vicious behavior. Indeed, it has been quite the opposite! Bam Bam is a friendly and outgoing pig who has never met a stranger. Very often he will be the first one to greet any person that walks through the gate. Bam Bam cannot get enough attention and is never happier than when he is getting a belly rub. Affectionate and sweet, the young Bam Bam is a permanent sanctuary resident, and a fan favorite.