In the Spring of 2014, Hooves Marching for Mercy received a call from Douglasville Animal Control. They had a black, female Potbelly Pig who was found in poor condition. When the Tidwells arrived, they were shocked at what they saw; the poor pig’s skin was so covered in mange that she looked years older than her actual age. The pitiable girl was itchy and in pain, so the Tidwells rescued her, named her Sally, and placed her in the skilled care of foster Becky Donelson. Donelson, ever dedicated, gave Sally the veterinarian prescribed bath treatments every day. She also treated Sally with several rounds of Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic medicine. Under Donelson's proficient care, Sally returned to good health and was able to enjoy life once again.

Sally was not with Hooves Marching for Mercy for long before she was adopted by a wonderful family. Sally had found a happy home with her adoptive family and had even made a new piggy friend named Pickles. Unfortunately, while the family loved Sally very much, the couple eventually divorced each other, and were unable to keep Sally and Pickles. The couple returned the two pigs to Hooves Marching for Mercy, but you can’t keep a good pig down. Once again, their stay with the organization was a short-lived one. Sally and Pickles found a new family who was willing to take both pigs. To this day, the pair remain inseparable as they spend their days rooting, relaxing, and being doted on by their adoring family.