Tootsie Roll

Born on 27 March, 2016, Tootsie Roll is the offspring of Hanky Panky and Charlotte. She was born in the care of her mother and father's rescuer, with five other siblings. Tragically, due to Charlotte’s ill-health stemming from years of past abuse, only Tootsie Roll and her brother survived. Charlotte, because of her condition, was only able to produce enough milk for one suckling pig. Fortunately, the rescuer was able to find a forever home for Tootsie Roll’s brother, while Tootsie Roll remained with her mother. However, the entire episode put Charlotte through extreme emotional trauma, so to save her from further duress, Tootsie Roll was taken in by Hooves Marching for Mercy, along with Charlotte and Hanky Panky and will never be separated from her mother.

Tootsie Roll was three months old when she arrived at the sanctuary, and thankfully, has never endured pain or hardship. A true homebody, she spends most of her days basking in the sun with Charlotte or Hanky Panky. She loves to roll in the mud and root around on the sanctuary’s many acres. Shy but sweet, Tootsie Roll still craves the occasional belly rub and show of affection. Because of her small stature and cute face, Tootsie Roll is a favorite among visitors and volunteers of the sanctuary