In autumn of 2015 Angela Micklick, owner of a dog rescue, received a call about a dog in need. When she arrived on the scene, she saw, not a dog, but a small, scared, little black pig, all alone in a crate. Further investigation on the matter revealed that one of the dogs belonging to the caller had attacked Noble’s sister. Their solution to that problem was to kill the pig who had been attacked. After two brutal attempts, they had succeeded on the third try. Tragically, this all took place in front of Noble who had witnessed the whole violent incident, trapped as he was inside his cage. This was all the information that Angela needed, she asked what price they would take for Noble and thus, she was immediately able to remove him from the dangerous situation.

Given what the young pig had witnessed, Noble had an understandable and well-earned fear of humans. Angela did all she could for him, but her vast expertise was in dogs, not pigs. She contacted Hooves Marching for Mercy and agreed to keep Noble until there was room at the Sanctuary. On 24 January 2016, the space became available to welcome the 7-month-old Noble. The hard work, patience and perseverance of Angela had paid off, within 48 hours at HMFM, Nobel had come to trust the staff. Deprived of the necessary porcine socialization in his youth, barn-mates Darlene and Rachel have taught him the necessary social skills to thrive. Today, Noble is a sweet boy who loves the attention of all comers, he is quick to roll over for a belly rub, yet he is not pushy, instead he displays remarkable forbearance and self-control, especially for his size as he is part farm pig and part potbelly. A permanent resident of the sanctuary, Noble is secure in the knowledge that here, he is home; here, he is safe.