Pigwig's Story

Pigwig came to us on 8/31/2015. She was in Douglas County Animal Shelter. She had been found abandoned in a field in a laundry basket.

She wasn't putting weight on her back leg, and only 3 weeks old. We took her straight to the veterinarian, and discovered a broken hip. The veterinarian does believe she has been abused. We scheduled surgery for that Wednesday. But we did an emergency FHO surgery on Tuesday, 9/1/2015, as her temp spiked, and she was having trouble. We also did more xrays and we did also confirm a broken pelvis. 

She is in a medical foster home right now, and is recouperrating very well. :) She is now 4 weeks old!

She will be going up for adoption in the next couple of months. Her adoption fee will be $250. She will be fully vetted and spayed before adoption. Please use our contact form if interested in adopting her.