In the midsummer of 2016, Douglas County Animal Control had found a stray pig wandering alone out in a field in Douglasville. She was young, only around 9 months old, but extremely obese and had both mange and intestinal parasites. Animal control contacted the Tidwells and when they got to the shelter they saw a pig so large, they thought she might be pregnant. Her belly was mere inches from the ground and her stomach was so swollen that the poor girl’s legs could barely move. The Tidwells had a veterinarian look at her, and she was so large that even they weren’t sure if she was pregnant or obese. So, the Tidwells erred on the side of caution; they brought her their sanctuary and immediately built her a birthing box and house.

Slowly, over the next few weeks, the newly named Suzanna completed her treatment for parasites and mange and gradually started to lose weight. She also began to display signs of estrus. The Tidwells knew then that the young girl was anything but pregnant. She continued to lose weight, unfortunately, due to her age, it was slow progress. Every time she would lose a little weight she would have another growth spurt. Now, a year and a half later she is at a much healthier weight, but still has another 20 pounds to go before she can safely undergo the spay surgery. Fortunately, it shouldn’t be too much longer before she meets that goal.

As all the other pigs at Hooves Marching for Mercy are either spayed or neutered, Suzanna is safe from any shenanigans from the male pigs. Her history is unknown, as she was found as a stray, but she is a happy, healthy girl with a beautiful and gentle soul. She is friendly to everyone she meets and will display her happy-mohawk to any visitor who rubs her belly. She has always been a real joy to Hooves Marching for Mercy. This beautiful princess is currently in need of a sponsor.