In August of 2013, a woman who ran the cat adoption center at PetSmart was approached by a woman who had bought a pair of pigs that she was unable to manage. The lady had spent over a thousand dollars to purchase the young duo under the impression that they were healthy littermates old enough to be weaned from their parents. Sadly, none of the was true. Since neither PetSmart nor the cat adoption agency were equipped to handle the pigs, they contacted David and Mandi Tidwell of Hooves Marching for Mercy. (At the time of the adoption, they were known as Pigs Are People Too.)

Mandi and David had agreed to meet with the lady who initially purchased the piglets. They were astonished to learn that the young pair were not littermates, nor were they healthy two-month-old piglets. One was a month old, and the other was not even fourteen days old yet. And so, the pair, Jake and Bubba, joined the herd at Pigs Are People Too. The Tidwells diligently nursed the young one, Jake, until he was old enough to be on solid food.

Original rescue, and recent arrival, Sir Gaddy taught both boys how to socialize and become proper pigs. However, no amount of Sir Gaddy’s piggy “charm-school training” would help the playful Jake. Right from the start, the young pig had a mischievous streak about him. He enjoyed pranks and liked to test boundaries. A skilled escape artist and natural born leader, it was not uncommon for Jake to lead the herd into the woods for what he perceived to be better foraging. On one occasion, the impish Jake made an opening through the fence, led the other pigs into the woods, hid in a corner to evade detection, and then snuck back into the pen the way he had come.

Tragically, Jake was too good for this world. The young pig had been born with an enlarged heart (likely due to improper breeding) and passed from heart failure shortly after his diagnosis. Jake crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 20 October 2015. He was two-years-old. A heart as large as his could only hold an enormous amount of love. His time at the sanctuary was brief, but his impact was larger than life. Bright, energetic, and affectionate, the young Jake brought joy to all who had the pleasure of meeting him. He will be missed.