General Information and Current Needs:

We are a 501c3 nonprofit, located in the greater Atlanta, GA.

We have currently been rescuing potbelly pigs and other farm animals, providing them sanctuary. We applied to attain our 501(c) 3  status, and received it on Nov. 12, 2015. Now that we have accomplished that, the next chapter of our sanctuary can begin.

The next chapter includes providing sanctuary and a peaceful and healing environment for military, veterans, their families, and help those of them that are in need.

By providing both animals and veterans with sanctuary and caring for both of their needs, both help the other heal, and a symbiotic relationship is formed and healing can begin.

Our volunteers and staff will have a place they can be proud to volunteer, work, and add to the lives of the animals, and  military, military famililes, and veterans.

We are going to need lots of volunteers, especially those that have skills in working with animals and veterans. If you have fundraising skills (we need some serious skills in this area), as well as marketing. We will need help with networking and finding people who will want to help us accomplish this goal. We will need grant writer, and a CPA. So, if this could be you or someone you know, please let me know. 

Please contact us if you would like to know more on any aspects of our programs, and how you can help. Remember, the only way we can accomplish our goals are through your support, that includes volunteering, fostering, sharing us with others, and donations. We can't do this without you!