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Adoption Application


We are committed to finding safe, loving homes for our homeless pot belly pigs, as well as their other animal friends, but we are also cautious and want the new owner to make an informed decision. To help us determine your qualifications and match the right pig to your home, please fill out this application as completely and honestly as possible.  It will require some time and thought on your part, but it will help us match each precious pig with the perfect home, as well as give you better insight on what it takes to prepare the perfect home for your new baby.


Personal Information


First Name:

Last Name:





Hm #:

Wk #:

Cell #:



Are you over 21 years of age?   Yes or No

If no, please have parent/guardian complete and sign the Application?

Do you have a medical condition that would limit your ability to care for the pig?

Yes  or No


Property Information



Does your local zoning allow pet pigs?          

Yes or No

Do you live in a: House   




Mobile Home


Do you:







Many communities do not if it is against their zoning ordinances. Please check before you continue.

Do you live in a planned community?

Yes or No

If you live in a planned community, you will need written permission from your homeowner's association to have a pig

Do you have a fenced-in yard?

Yes or No

Will your pig have his/her own pen or fenced area?   

Yes or No

Do you have an in ground swimming pool or fish pond?                                                                                 

Yes or No

Do you have bird feeders in your yard?                

Yes or No

Will the pig be required to use stairs to get in & out of your home? 

Yes or No

 House Hold Information


 Number of adults living in your home:


Number of children in your home and their ages:                  

Do all members in your household want this pet? 

Yes or No

Do you currently have a pig?

Yes or No

If so, is this pig neutered/spayed?

Yes or No




Have you ever previously had a pig? If so, what happened to him?

Yes or NO

What other pets do you currently have?    


Who will be responsible for caring for the pig?



Age preference: 

Baby (under 1 year)    Younger (between 1-4)       Older(4+)        Doesn’t matter


Sex preference:  Male or Female or Doesn't Matter


Color preference: 

Where will the pigs live?


Are you willing to adopt two pigs who are buddies? Pigs are by nature herd animals and really enjoy the company of another pig to snuggle with, especially if they are outdoor pigs.    

Yes  or No

Are you willing to take an un-socialized pig? (one who has had little to no human contact)?

Yes or No

Are you willing to take a special needs pet (one who is obese and needs dieting, one who has behavior problems and needs to be worked with, one   who has health problems, etc.)?   

Yes or No




(Indoor pigs are pigs that live primarily inside your home with daily outside yard privileges.)


Is your home pig-proofed?             

Yes or No or Would like more on how best to do that.


Where will the pig sleep? 

How many hours will the pig be alone each day?

Is there a safe place for your pig to stay during the day?   

Yes or No

Is there a safe place for the pig to spend his outside time?    





(Outdoor pigs live primarily outside in a barn or special shelter with yard &/or pasture privileges.)


Do you have a well-insulated house for the pig?

Yes or No

Do you have a way to heat this house in cold weather?        

Yes or No

Is there access to a wading pool or mud hole in summer?    

Yes or No

Is there a spot available with all-day shade?

Yes or No


Describe the living conditions you will provide. Please be very specific about the size of the pasture:


 Vet Information


Vet Name:

Phone Number:

Are your current pets neutered?

Yes or No

Are your current pets up-to-date on their vaccinations?  

Yes or No


Yes or No

If not, what is the name & phone number of a vet that does care for pet pigs that you will be using?                   

Vet Name :

Phone Number:

 It is very important to find a vet who will treat the pig before actually getting one.   A potbellied pig has different medical needs than your typical companion animal or even a farm pig.   These vets are few and far between and could mean the difference between life and death in an emergency.


Pig Education

I understand that the average weight of a full-grown potbellied pig is 75-250 pounds, some smaller and some larger, and that genetics determines size. Underfeeding the pig will not change his skeletal size and will only lead to health and/or behavioral problems.   Over-feeding the pig or not feeding him food specific to his species will also lead to health and/or behavioral problems.


I understand that rooting is a basic natural instinct and that ALL pigs will root to varying degrees.     This can lead to destructiveness in the house when they are bored and do not have other outlets or if they do not get enough outside time.    It can also lead to destructiveness of lawn and flowerbeds.



I understand that dogs and pigs must be carefully monitored and should  NEVER be left unsupervised together, even the most gentle dog and even if the pig and dog are best of friends.   They are both animals with animal instincts.   Dogs are predators and pigs are prey, and a dog can kill a pig if provoked.



I understand that a pig can become territorial.  This can include growling, snapping, charging, or even biting to varying degrees.   It is most common in house pigs but can also occur outside.   In the wild, pigs are herd animals, and it is a natural instinct for them to try to test their dominance and become "top hog".  Behavioral modification techniques can help.  Because of this instinct, children and pigs must always be carefully supervised.



I understand that a pig should not be placed in a home until he is at least 8-12 weeks of age, properly weaned, and eating on his own. Earlier placement can lead to starvation and/or aggressive behavior.



I understand that spaying/neutering of all pigs is ESSENTIAL, not only for reproduction purposes but also for behavioral and health reasons as well.   An unaltered pig does not make a good house pet.   An unaltered pig may also develop reproductive organ disease when older and larger and no longer a safe surgical candidate. (All of our pigs come already altered. We just need to make sure you understand why, and why we require all of your other pets to be altered, unless there is a medical reason as to why they may not be.)



I understand that it will most likely be difficult to find a competent vet who will care for my pig.   I also understand that I must have a plan set up in advance to get my pig to the vet in an emergency situation. This plan should include an adequate vehicle and adequate muscle if the pig is no longer mobile.


In the case that this pig is to be a companion for a current pig, I understand there will be an "introduction" period between the two, whereby they work it out between themselves who will be "top hog".


I understand that this animal is a pig, and as such, I will allow him to be a pig.   I understand that he has specific needs basic to his nature, and I will strive to meet those needs and appreciate the very qualities that make him such a unique and delightful creature.



What steps would you take to find a lost pet?





What will you do with your pet when you go on vacation?




What would you do if your pet  became ill and needed expensive veterinary care? 




What would you do if you became ill and could no longer care for your pet?  





What are your views on euthanasia and your animals?



Please supply us with the name, phone number and e-mail of three references:



Can someone come out and check your home to be sure it is safe (properly pig-proofed, adequate shelter, supplies on hand for pig's arrival, etc.)?

Yes or No

How far would you be willing to travel to pick up your pig?   (Only if Applicable, as we can transport)

In what way have you educated yourself on the proper care of a pig?   



Are you committed to care for the pig for his/her life. (it is estimated the lifespan of a potbellied pig can be up to 20 years)? 

Yes or No


Do you have any questions/concerns about caring for a pig? 


Most importantly, why do you want a pig as a pet?



I hereby certify that the information I have provided above is true, correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge, and you may rely on this information to evaluate my application. I also understand that I will be asked to provide an adoption fee ($50 to $350) depending on the cost of the spay/neuter and other vet expenses.



Print Name:______________________________________________


Adoption Agent:


Print Name:_____________________________________________

Approved or Not Approved