Charlotte's Story

Charlotte was born in 2014 in Canton, Georgia, where she spent her early years as the pet of a wealthy couple. Kept in a tiny kennel, she was deprived of basic care; including the cleaning of her small (6x6 ft pen), regular vet visits, hoof trims, and left unspayed. Tragically, the couple mistreated the poor girl. Very often she would be fed beer after being subjected daily to harsh, physical abuse by the merciless husband. Additionally, the high calorie content in the beer caused her to become fat-blind, a condition in which the extra weight causes rolls of fat to grow around the eyes and obstruct the vision. She was kept tethered by the waist to a tiny kennel, too small for even a dog to feel comfortable. Due to her neglect, she had severe mange and sun damage on her head and back that was severe. 

Fortunately, some wonderful people became aware of her situation and rescued her from her abusive home, by befriending couple and begging to have Charlotte so their pig could have a friend. This process was not easy, nor short. Finally though through persistence, Charlotte was released to her savior. They placed her in with another pig; a young, intact, male who was 2 months old, unaware as pigs were fairly new to them, that at that young age a pig can start reproducing. As is often the case in such a situation, Charlotte became pregnant. She gave birth to six piglets, but tragically, only two survived. Because of her poor health, she only had enough milk for one pig. Charlotte’s rescuer was able to find a forever home for one of the piglets. Charlotte was then placed with Hooves Marching for Mercy, along with the young male pig and their remaining baby. The young male was given the name Hanky Panky and their daughter was named Tootsie Roll. Hanky Panky was neutered right away, but sadly, Charlotte was too obese to safely undergo the surgery. It would be another ten months before she would lose the 60 pounds necessary to safely be spayed. 

    Upon first arriving at the sanctuary, Charlotte had many behaviour problems. Her past physical abuse had left her with post traumatic stress disorder and an inability to trust people. Over time, through the tireless efforts of the staff and volunteers at Hooves Marching for Mercy, and with much care and patience, Charlotte was finally able to trust again. Given her history, Charlotte and her family will be permanent residents of the sanctuary. Today, she is a sweet, captivating, and a loving girl. Free from the violence of her former dwelling, she now spends her days rooting in the soil or soaking up the sun. No longer tethered to a 6’x6’ kennel, an independent Charlotte has many acres in which to roam and explore. It is here that she is able to show the world how affectionate she truly is. It is here, that Charlotte finally has a home.