Hanky Panky

In March of 2016, a dog rescue worker by the name of Kristen received a phone call that a wild boar was terrorizing the neighborhood. Though pigs were not her primary focus, she didn’t have the heart to ignore the call. When she got to the subdivision she didn’t see a wild boar, rather she saw an adorable baby piglet about two months old. The friendly little fellow walked right up to her car and she knew then that she would never be able to say “no” to that little boy. She named the wee one Hank and fostered him until such a time, if any, that she would be able to find a permanent home for the precocious lad.

Though big-hearted and kind, Kristen’s expertise was on dogs, not pigs. She was unaware that pigs breed at an early age and she thought that two months was too young to neuter a pig. Not long after the rescue of Hank, Kristen rescued a pig named Charlotte who had been viciously abused by her guardians. Ever the diplomat, Kristen was able to rescue the unspayed Charlotte on the pretense that her personal pig needed a friend. A short time later, Kristen learned an important lesson in how quickly and how young pigs can reproduce—Charlotte got pregnant and gave birth to piglets. And so, it was that ‘Hank’ became ‘Hanky Panky.’

Over the next few months, Hanky Panky formed a deep bond with Charlotte and his remaining child, Tootsie Roll. In the meantime, Hooves Marching for Mercy became aware of the trio and offered to rehome them at their sanctuary. Seeing how inseparable the three were, it was decided that they should never part. The three are now permanent residents of Hooves Marching for Mercy. They joined the sanctuary in July 2016 and today they are a true family. They enjoy basking in the sun,often lying together as they soak up the rays. Hanky Panky has a natural tendency to be reserved but friendly, he loves attention from people, though he may be shy abut asking for it. Nevertheless, it's not uncommon for him to approach visitors, volunteers, or HMFM staff with a smile and a plea for a belly rub.