Outreach/Volunteer Programs/Opporuntunities:

  • Volunteer with the Animals: This is our currently up and running program. We have a good many animals, and that requires a good many volunteers if we are to make this a true sanctuary to the animals, as well as to those who come for sanctuary. This can also help those looking for sanctuary, as taking care of others animals/people can provide therapy to ones soul. 
  • Assistance Program for Those In-need: This program is already up and running. We helped 3 military/veterans in 2016. And so far we are already helping our first military family of 2017 and it is only January. This program will become busier the more we are found out about, so we actively need to fund this program, as well as find military/veterans that might could help us organize and help volunteer with this program as we grow. 
  • Adoptions: We adopt out pigs, as well as other animals to those looking for one, especially a veteran looking for an emotional support animal. We have an onsite trainer that works with all of our animals. Pigs are especially susceptible to PTSD, which can then need special care, that understands what they are going through, which is why we work hard to pair these pigs and veterans together, as well as others that suffer from PTSD. All adoptions to our military/veterans are always free. If not military/veterans, there is a small adoption fee.
  • Support Groups: (Need leaders, must be or have military background.) We would like to run several types of support groups, and times so all can take part, but this is not a program up and running yet.
  • Monthly Community Meal (Eventually nightly once we have residents living at the sanctuary): Program will start in April 2017. For currently serving military and their families, veterans, volunteers, and the community. We can have people bring things, but at minimum things have to be vegetarian or vegan. As we are a farm sanctuary, we do not serve any meat, however we do not push our beliefs onto others, but do ask that you respect our eating guidelines while on the premise.
  • Spiritual Needs Programs: We are not affiliated with any religion or belief. But we wish to provide a place for all to find a place that their spiritual needs can be met. In order to do this we need spiritual leaders/advisors/counselors/chaplains to volunteer for this program. We need this from all faiths. Our military personnel and veterans have a variety of belief systems, and we wish to provide something for each. We would like to have this where say every day we have a spiritual advisor willing to hold a meeting for any of that faith, or be open to counseling those in need. The meetings for a particular faith would be held on different days. Meetings to be held at the sanctuary.
  • Gardening Program: Need this program up and running ASAP: Currently we buy our vegetables and fruit for the animals from the state farmers market. We have tried 3 times now to grow a garden, with very minimal success. We need volunteers with a talent for gardening to come and plant a garden and tend it. Growing our own food helps cut down on feeding costs. Also once we have veterans living here, and for the weekly/evening meals it would be wonderful, and cost effective, to feed from our own garden