Wilma was born in June of 2015. In March of 2016, when she was only nine months old, Wilma was found wandering a neighborhood, and so Hooves Marching for Mercy was called out to assess the situation. There they found Wilma in a very perilous situation and rescued her immediately. The poor girl had been raised by drug dealers who treated her quite harshly, she was left to wander the streets and fend for herself. Upon intake, HMFM arranged for her spay surgery. During routine x-rays for the procedure, Wilma was found to have bird shot pellets imbedded throughout her whole body. The pellets, thankfully, are harmless, but rather indicative of her previous life and situation.

Wilma still carries the emotional scars of her previous life, during her formative months. Her early neglect and abuse has left her with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She will occasionally act out, but can be quickly soothed with calming touch and belly rubs. Shy and withdrawn, Wilma will typically hang back while other pigs walk up for belly rubs. Time heals all wounds, however, and Wilma continues to make progress. She enjoys the freedom of the sanctuary’s many acres and she loves to bask in the sun or root in the pastures. As Wilma continues to receive positive care and support from the dedicated staff at HMFM, she will one day come out of her shell and expose to the world her natural, sweet self. And while she is still shy around humans, she has made close friends with the pigs, Alyek and Tina, who have taken her under their wings. Due to her past emotional trauma, Wilma is a permanent resident of the sanctuary.